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Welcome to the Franklin County Online Payroll Service System. If you are enrolled in the system, you can log in by entering your Username and Password in the fields to the right, then clicking the Login button. If you are enrolled and experience difficulties logging in, please contact your immediate office/agency payroll personnel. They can assist you.

General Information

  • 2018 W-2’s were posted to this website the morning of January 31, 2019. 2017 and prior years are also available after successful log-in.
  • If you were paid by more than one Franklin County office/agency in calendar year 2018, your W-2 information is separated among the multiple organizations. This website is designed to have different log-ins based on your direct employer.
  • Past and current Franklin County government employees have access to their information IF they have already gone through the Enroll steps. If you never enrolled, you can still do so even if you are no longer employed. Contact your prior immediate office/agency of employment payroll department for assistance in enrolling.
  • If you served as a pollworker in 2018 and also earned employment income in 2018 in another capacity, your pollworker income was reported on a W-2 and mailed to the address on file you provided to Board of Elections pollworker department when you signed up. The pollworker income is not available via OPSS for 2018.

Why Enroll?

The Online Payroll Service System gives you convenient access to electronic copies of your Franklin County Payroll Deposit Advice Forms and W-2s.

How to Enroll

Enroll to Receive Electronic Payroll Deposit Advice Forms


  • Please select the Help link under the Username and Password fields for frequently asked questions prior to contacting your immediate office/agency of employment.
  • Please use the Forgot Password and Forgot Username features. The system will send an email to the address on file in OPSS under your profile so be sure to check both work and personal email addresses and the junk/spam folders.
  • Contact your immediate office/agency of employment payroll department for any log-in issues as a designee from that area has the ability to assist you.
  • Inquires directly to the County Auditor’s Fiscal Payroll Department will be referred to the immediate office/agency payroll department.

Help Report Fraud in Franklin County Government

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If you know of any illegal or fraudulent activity in Franklin County government,
the Franklin County Auditor Fraud Hotline provides a vehicle to report and investigate it.
Submit an anonymous claim by calling 614-525-7148 or emailing