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Payroll Questions?

Contact your agency's payroll department for questions regarding your Payroll Deposit Advice, W-2 elections, and Username and Password issues. If you need access to your county email address to retrieve a forgotten username or password and you do not have access to it after hours and weekends, you may use

My Username and Password are not working.

The only way to login to OPSS is if you have previously clicked on the Enroll Now link and have successfully completed the OPSS enrollment process. This will allow you to create a unique username and password combination to access OPSS. Contact your agency payroll department for your Employee Number and Check Location. No other credentials of any kind will grant you access to OPSS, nor is OPSS tied to any other county log-in (e.g.: machine sign on, county portal sign on, network permissions, etc.). Your username and password do not expire. If you continue to have access problems, please contact your agency payroll officer.

If you are a new hire, you will not be able to enroll until after the first payday that goes through as Direct Deposit. You may then enroll mid-week following payday.

Account Lockout Information

If you attempt to log into your account five times in a row and are unsuccessful each time, after the fifth attempt you will be locked out. To unlock your account you must contact your agency payroll department and ask for the individual(s) that are classified as a Payroll Officer for OPSS purposes. Your account cannot be unlocked by completing the "Forgot Password" function from the homepage.

What if I get a job with another county agency?

If your change employment with another county agency, then you will be required to create a brand new account to begin reviewing Electronic Payroll Deposit Advices from that agency. Your other account will remain active for 18 months. You will not be able to use the same Username for multiple accounts, nor will you be able to use the same email address. The best option is to use a personal email address and your new county email address.

I am not receiving emails from OPSS.

Receiving emails can be affected by your email provider's spam or junk filter settings. If you are not receiving emails from OPSS, such as "change your password" or "forgot your username" emails, be sure to check your spam or junk emails. Check your email provider's documentation for instructions on how to add a specific sender to your allowed list. If you have received your confirmation email after enrolling, your settings should be appropriate. Alternatively, contact your agency payroll department for them to verify what email address you have on file in OPSS.

What happens if I need to switch banks?

Your online viewing status will not change. The only difference you will see is that the few pays that you receive an actual paycheck, those records will be skipped and you will not have those pay dates to view online during that time. Once your direct deposit begins at the new bank, you will be able to see the Payroll Deposit Advice Statements. You have until the end of business day on non-pay week Friday's to make sure the Franklin County Auditor's Payroll Department has your new account and routing information for there to be no break in Direct Deposit. The appropriate documents are available through the county portal. If that deadline is not met, you run the risk of getting a paper check and not being able to view your pay stub through OPSS. Make sure you are not closing the former bank account until you have provided the new information, or notify your agency payroll officer you need to suspend Direct Deposit for one payday until you can provide the new information.

How long will my Payroll Deposit Advice Statements be available?

You may view all payroll deposit advice statements for the past eighteen months. To clarify, this means the 18 prior months from today, not the prior eighteen months of which you were enrolled. For example, if you were not enrolled for six of the last twelve months, you would still NOT be able to view payroll advice statements from two years ago.

How do I switch back to Paper Viewing for W-2's?

If you currently print or save your W-2's through OPSS but are electing to receive a paper version for the next year, you must make the selection in OPSS under Edit Profile, then contact your agency payroll department to have the change made in the county wide payroll system. Once the change to Paper is made, you will still be able to log into your account at any time and switch back to online viewing, again notifying your agency payroll department of your change. This needs to be done to ensure Franklin County is printing as few W-2's as possible each year to avoid redundancy.

Saving and Printing My Payroll Information:

In Order to Print or Save statements and W-2's, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. You may download Reader for free from the following link:

Get Adobe Reader Logo

Get Adobe Reader

Once Adobe Reader is installed, simply click the PDF Labeled Link located on the Online Payroll Service Homepage or in the actual Payroll Deposit Advice Detail Page to open the PDF file. The Link will look similar to the following:

After the PDF document is open you may select from the tool bar to either Print or Save: The buttons will look like the following:

If you select the option to save your Payroll Deposit Advice, you will be prompted to select a location on your computer. We recommend you change the name of the file to something memorable as well as a recognizable location on your PC. This is your Payroll data and we encourage you to keep it safe.